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On the Boards

On the Boards

Drawing from the spirit of the Canyon Pines ethos, this residence stands as a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural elegance.

Outside, Indoors

This home’s three-story prairie-style architecture is marked by strong horizontal lines and a terraced structure that gracefully mirrors the undulating landscape. The home’s large exterior patios and generous windows frame expansive views of Coal Creek Canyon’s North Prairie Preserve Open Space, the glittering Denver skyline, and prominent natural landmarks like Boulder Flatirons and Eldorado Mountain. A low-pitched horizontal roof, crafted from simple, natural materials, offers an unassuming yet captivating silhouette against the Colorado sky.

Uniquely Yours

Melton’s renowned design-build process breathes life into this architectural vision with precision and grace. The journey from blueprint to reality is anchored in a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship and client communication, ensuring that each space within the home reflects its owner’s unique aspirations. The result is more than a mere dwelling; it’s a living, breathing entity that resonates with the dreams of those who call it home. Every detail, from the interior and exterior fireplaces to the carefully considered office spaces and baths, is meticulously woven into the fabric of a seamless, holistic living experience.

Welcome Home

Canyon Pines itself provides a canvas of unrivaled beauty, a community where each residence contributes to a larger portrait of sustainable luxury and shared aesthetic values. This home—with its generous bedrooms, optional accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and additional garage space—is a testament to that community spirit. Here, the line between indoors and out is artfully blurred, inviting residents to partake in a lifestyle that cherishes outdoor activities, panoramic views from the third-floor balcony, and an intrinsic connection to the environment. This home is not just a structure; it is a sanctuary where quality, design, and harmony with the natural world are both celebrated and deeply ingrained in every stone and beam.

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