Stylish Whole Home Remodel

Fabulous Family Home in East Boulder

Contemporary Whole Home Remodel
This contemporary whole home remodel project updated an older ranch style home into the perfect family space in East Boulder. After meeting with the family the Melton team began working on updating the space to meet their needs and create a truly wonderful home where the family can continue to grow and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

To create a light and airy open concept many walls were taken down, floor to ceiling windows were installed, a complete overhaul of the wall treatments and flooring was completed, and the overall layout of the space was re-imagined. In addition to opening the space up we enhanced the master bathroom with a custom closet and dressing area, updated the kitchen, overhauled the basement, added a home office/ study area, created unique spaces for each of the children, added additional outdoor living spaces, renovated the exterior to give it a more modern feel, and built a custom garage/barn.