5 Sensible Loft Space Ideas

Loft spaces are a fun addition to any home! Many families love the convenience, location and space available, lofts provide for the family. The hardest part can be deciding what you’d like to do with the space. They are not a dedicated room with a door, can be small and have an awkward layout. However, lofts are a unique area to designate because they are unlike other rooms in the home. A loft’s layout can be reconfigured or extended to make the space efficient and exciting. Here are a few options to consider when deciding what to do with your lofted space.

Kids’ study and craft area. As most parents know, a designated space for all the kids’ crafts and supplies helps keep the rest of the home a little tidier. Your loft could act as that space! All you need is a couple desks, a small table, some cabinets and shelves and you’ve created the perfect space for all your kids’ craft and homework needs. By creating this space in a loft area, you avoid confining your kids to a closed off area so you can keep an ear on them while they work, play and create! Sign up for our e-newsletter to discover more fun remodeling options and tips for your home.


Workout space. Having a workout space in the home could save many of us membership fees and trips to the gym. A loft is a perfect location for that luxury. Plus, using a loft as a workout space keeps your exercise equipment out of eyes view when you have guests. Generally, because you only need a few pieces of equipment a loft space is sufficient for your working out needs. Mount a TV if you enjoy yoga or workout videos and you’ve got the perfect home gym!

Reading nook. All of us have a favorite chair or couch for curling up and reading a favorite novel. Why not extend the luxury into a whole space!? A home contractor can help you create the perfect reading getaway. Adding a dormer can be a great way to let in natural reading light and open up extra space.

After designing and installing book case or two, all you need is a comfy chair or two! Reading nooks are an awesome addition to any home for relaxation and alone time. They also help keep all your reading material in one space, so your side tables and night stands don’t get piled high with your favorite stories.


Sunny loft for growing plants. Plant lovers unite! If you are lucky enough to have a loft that lets in a lot of sunlight, turn it into a space for all your favorite indoor plants! If you don’t have windows or skylights, a home contractor can help you let the light into your lofted area. This is a creative way to grow your own mini sunroom getaway! The plants will thrive in the sunny open space and create a relaxing ambiance to sit back and relax.

Home office.

 A home office is one of the most popular uses for a loft space. Having a loft office can help you designate a space for work while avoiding being closed off from the rest of the home. This way, you can have your own space to get your tasks accomplished and still keep an eye and ear on your children. Schedule a consultation to explore the potential your loft has to benefit the whole family.



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