Atlas Tower

Boulder, CO

This commercial tenant improvement project involved a relatively straightforward renovation of an existing commercial space. The main focus of the project was the installation of new demising walls and the creation of an employee kitchen. To achieve a more modern and open look, the acoustical tile in the central portion of the space was removed, revealing the underlying structure. As part of the renovation, new mechanical trunks were installed to accommodate the updated layout.

To meet the required building code standards and enhance the overall ambiance, the lighting system underwent an upgrade throughout the commercial space. This ensured optimal lighting conditions for employees and visitors alike. Additionally, a site-built reception desk was constructed, adding a professional touch and creating a welcoming area for guests. Partition walls were also erected to optimize the functionality of the space, creating distinct areas and providing privacy where necessary. These partitions helped to define different departments or functions while maintaining a cohesive design throughout the commercial space.