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Home Automation Brings New Meaning to “Remote” Control

If you’re annoyed with having separate remotes for your TV, Blu-ray player, cable box and sound system, you might think that having a “smart” home would be too complicated. But you’d be wrong. Today’s home automation innovations allow you to connect, monitor and control multiple systems and appliances from wherever you are, with a Smartphone, […]

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Warm Up Next to a Cozy Fireplace

Just thinking about sitting in front of a fireplace evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and family. Maybe that’s why we love them so much. A fireplace serves as a focal point in a room, creating ambiance and providing a gathering point in the home when the weather is cold and snowy or rainy and raw. […]

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Popular Residential Architecture Styles

Over the years, many architecture design styles have developed from artistic and cultural movements. Most of these designs did not begin with residential architecture but were modified to satisfy the needs of home living. Advancements in technology or economic periods created the environment in which we built our homes. When thinking about building a house […]

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Winterizing your Home’s Exterior

With the summer heat fading away, fall is the perfect time to take a closer look at your home exterior in preparation for the winter. The up-and-coming snow, ice, and subfreezing temperatures can lead to costly utility bills and repairs if you’re not prepared. Check up on the essential basic maintenance tasks before entering the […]

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Sunshine Canyon Project Update

The Sunshine Canyon project aims to take advantage of the lighting and stunning mountain views the property has to offer with a multitude of windows and an open floor plan. With the insulation installation and drywall stage complete, the homeowners are now getting excited to finish up the final steps of the build process and […]

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Downsizing: The New Way to Live Large

One lasting trend to emerge from the economic downturn is intentional downsizing. Gone away is the McMansion concept as architects and designers are taking efficient use of space to a whole new level. Formal dining rooms, dens and home offices are becoming relics of the past. Instead, open living plans are blurring the boundaries between […]

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Enjoy the View: Windows that Bring the Outdoors in

Living in such a beautiful and temperate locale, it makes sense to maximize our outdoor exposure. Bring the gorgeous views into your home with windows that soar floor to ceiling. Bathe your home in fresh, mountain air by replacing standard windows and doors with accordion-style units that open wide allowing you to meld indoors and […]

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What You Might Not Know About Home Energy Audits

Did you know that a home energy audit can reveal far more than drafts, poor insulation and other energy-robbers? It can also reveal habits – times you use the most energy, rooms you spend the most time in, etc. Even better, it can show you how to turn those home energy habits into a home […]

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Home Energy Audits: Clues to Comfort and Savings

What’s the ROI of a home energy audit? It’s about saving money and the planet. For many homeowners, it’s also about making an older home live as comfortably as today’s most energy-efficient homes. Home energy audits are designed to analyze how your home is using – and losing – energy. The results of analyzing home […]

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Melton’s New Commercial Remodeling Videos on YouTube

  Want to see some more of our new commercial remodeling videos?  Visit our new YouTube.com Channel. Explore videos inside the Melton Design Center, learn about Melton and our process.  Visit job sites and see finished projects.   Call us today to talk to a Project Developer about your home remodel project.

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Melton recently had the opportunity to support our community partner, There With Care, by providing a no-cost wheelchair ramp installation for a Front Range family facing medical crisis. After several months in the hospital, the newly accessible entrance finally allowed the family to return home. We’re proud to support the critical services There With Care provides to families throughout the Front Range.

About There With Care

There With Care is a non-profit organization that provides essential support and services to families with children facing a medical crisis. Their mission is to ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations with compassion and care, so that families can focus on their child’s health and well-being. They offer a wide range of services, including patient and family essentials, emotional support, and practical support. There With Care serves families in need, regardless of their income or insurance status.


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