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Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

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Dreaming about a beautiful, new kitchen? We’ve got some great design ideas to help you in thinking about the design for your kitchen remodel project. Oftentimes we hear customers say they don’t need design because they are not changing the layout of the space. However, as you will see, there are many, many considerations included in the design of a new kitchen.

The design process is important to ensure the success of the kitchen remodel. The design phase is all-encompassing and can include structural, architectural, and cabinet layout drawings. It’s also important because it’s the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want in your new kitchen and to ensure the space reflects your personal style and works for the way you use your kitchen.


Painting your kitchen with a trendy color palette can create the updated look you desire. Gray is a lasting trend and a great complement to pops of bold color such as emerald glass backsplash tile or deep red bar stools. Another popular kitchen palette is black and white. An overall white space with touches of black in knobs and countertops creates a polished look.

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The obvious concerns with cabinetry are what style it is and how it looks. White cabinets are versatile, enduring and deliver a light, clean appearance. Wood cabinetry adds a rich, warm feel to the kitchen. Cabinetry also comes in a wide variety of painted finishes or custom colors to create the perfect kitchen for your tastes and personal style.

Another consideration for cabinetry is organization, which can influence the layout of the space. The cabinetry should be designed to provide efficient use of space and to organize items in a way that makes sense for you. For instance, pots and pans storage should be near the range, while glassware might be near the dishwasher for ease of cleanup. A good design team will help you sort out all of these details through the design process for your kitchen remodel project.

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Low maintenance and modern countertop materials are taking center stage. Caesarstone countertops are popular options and are available in a wide variety of colors. Choose an exciting solid color to punch up a neutral kitchen, or a soft blend for a subtle addition. Granite is another great option for your countertops. Because it’s a natural stone, no two countertops will be just alike, and there is a wide variety of granite slabs from which to choose—it’s like choosing a piece of fine art for your kitchen.

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A fresh backsplash design is an easy way to add some panache to your kitchen or bath. Replace outdated tile with popular glass mosaic tile in iridescent colors. For a bold, modern look, opt for a glass backsplash with a bright color behind it…maybe bright orange or robin’s egg blue.

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Flooring is a great way to define the kitchen space or to blur the line between the kitchen and surrounding areas. Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice and is great for tying in to the rest of the main floor. For a more durable choice, opt for tile in the kitchen. It’s easy to keep clean and stands up to heavy traffic and use.

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Lighting is important to think about for your kitchen renovation. The space should have a combination of three types of lighting. First, task lighting is important because the kitchen is a workspace. The most common task lighting is under-cabinet lighting, which is often Xenon or LED lights. Second, general illumination is generally comprised of strategically placed can lights in the ceiling. Lastly, you will likely want to include some decorative lighting. This might include pendant lights over the island or peninsula. Pendants come in a variety of styles and materials; your kitchen designer can help you choose the right ones for your kitchen.

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Give your kitchen a techno touch. Eco-friendly touch faucets are valued for their water conserving design. These modern faucets help create a more “green” home and are designed to complement all kitchen décor types. LED lighting is another impressive effect in trendy kitchens.

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Your kitchen is the room in the house to which the whole family gravitates most often. An open kitchen can provide more surface area for your family to utilize for every-day life activities. Island counter tops and breakfast nooks are great places for after school snack time or to keep an eye on the kids while they’re doing homework.

Cooking and preparing meals can take place in the kitchen at least 3 times a day, and maybe even more for some families. Whether it’s putting together an afternoon snack or cooking a festive birthday meal, an open kitchen allows for the space to be utilized by the whole family at the same time, making meals a more seamless experience.

Expanding kitchen counters, and adding more seating, will create the perfect space for entertaining guests or just having a family game night. With more counter space, you can have people in the kitchen without disrupting cooking and meal prep. If your closed-off kitchen is inhibiting you from your love of entertaining, a kitchen renovation can provide you with an area more suited for your lifestyle.

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