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Collaborative Craftsman

Whole Home Remodel

This exquisite Craftsman-style home in Boulder’s Newlands neighborhood received a collaborative makeover from Melton Design Build in partnership with Susan Hall Studio. The house, originally a top-to-bottom builder-grade beige, lacked inspiration for the envisioned transformation.

Interior Design by Susan Hall Studio

Photography by Emily Redfield

As featured in 5280 Magazine


Sophisticated Space

The renovation process focused on enhancing the home’s existing structural integrity without the need for a complete overhaul. The most significant transformation occurred in the combined kitchen and great room, which suffered from an awkward layout and dated finishes, making it less inviting for casual gatherings. A strategic decision was made to replace the original oversized and sterile restaurant-style kitchen island, flanked by ’90s-era columns, with two narrow, parallel islands, maximizing space utilization. This clever approach allowed the family to engage in various activities together – from cooking and playtime to crafting and puzzles.

Logical Luxury

The outcome of this collaborative effort is a family-friendly haven, seamlessly blending entertainment with elegance. The meticulously curated maximalist elements delight without the need for detective work, reflecting the homeowners’ distinct style and practical considerations for their dynamic family life.

Harmonious Home

With its captivating design surprises and a functional layout that suits both adults and children, this Craftsman-inspired dwelling embodies the essence of a true home, where comfort and aesthetics coexist harmoniously.

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