Azure Oasis

Louisville, CO

Located in Louisville, CO, our recent Refresh project has given three bathrooms a transformation that melds playful charm with sleek sophistication. In the primary bathroom, what once was a standard tub is now an expansive walk-in shower, enveloped in stylish tile that exudes modern luxury (and excellent sing-in-the-shower acoustics!). The other two bathrooms have been rejuvenated with new fixtures and tiles, presenting a fresh face while maintaining the original layout’s cozy familiarity.

Each space now carries a harmonious blend of function and flair, with color palettes and materials thoughtfully chosen to reflect both the home’s character and contemporary trends. The tile work, a particularly striking feature, adds a splash of vivacity with its hues and textures, ensuring each bathroom holds its own unique personality within the cohesive design scheme.

This remodel, more than just a facelift, has truly transformed these spaces into oases of tranquility. By upgrading with high-quality materials and fixtures, we’ve ensured that these bathrooms are not only beautiful but also built to last. The result is a perfect balance between professional craftsmanship and the playful innovation you’ve come to expect from Melton, a testament to our commitment to excellence in every tile and tap.