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Garages From Storage to Style

Garage Remodeling Garages from Storage to Style Pulling into a disorderly and neglected garage can leave any homeowner feeling discouraged and stressed. The place where clutter accumulates and seems to magically multiply, the garage is often one of the main storage hubs of the home. If you’re looking to part with a messy, unattractive and […]

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New Cabinetry Looks from Dynasty/Omega for 2015

New Cabinetry Looks from Dynasty/Omega for 2015   Dynasty/Omega is expanding its cabinet offerings in 2015 to include several modern updates our clients love. We are excited to see new door styles in on-trend colors, exciting Full Access base cabinet storage options, updated lighting options and more. You’ll love the new looks from Dynasty/Omega in […]

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5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home

5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home Since we’re all seemingly tethered to our smartphones, it was only a matter of time before futuristic gadgets and gizmos would be invading our home sweet homes. Advancements in electronics have opened up a world of new devices and apps that offer countless advantages for creating a home, […]

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Stay in Your Home Long Term with Universal Design

Stay in Your Home Long Term with Universal Design There are many reasons homeowners want to keep their residences for as long as possible—perhaps, their friends or grandkids live nearby, they enjoy their home’s features or the love their community and neighbors. And many homeowners have grown accustomed to their area and have found nearby […]

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What is Colorado Modern?

What is Colorado Modern?   Colorado modern design—sometimes referred to as mountain modern—is a regional aesthetic dotting the Front Range landscape. Colorado modern is a unique style that blends the elements of modern design such as clean lines and dual-purpose spaces with natural elements that draw our beautiful outdoors into our living spaces. It’s a […]

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5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups

5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups Your home can have a stunning front porch without needing to remodel the entire façade. Make your home more inviting in short time with these different styles. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional exterior, it can be refreshed to have an exciting design. Check out these 5 final […]

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Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior

Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior Curb appeal can be drastically improved by altering the appearance of your porch, patio or elements of the façade by changing design and layout. Finding the right materials for your home that withstand natural weathering can be challenging. Oftentimes, exterior materials are as durable as they are heavy. […]

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Wine Racks as a Beautiful Design Element

A collection of wine is worthy to be displayed like a collection of art. The possibilities are numerous for built-in wine racks with design styles that remain classy and refined. From metal or sleek wood for a contemporary design, to wrought iron or light wood for a more country western feel, preserving your living space […]

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What’s the ROI on “the Right” Construction Company?

Over the years, we’ve offered a lot of advice on how to choose the right construction company. We’ve talked about professionalism, good client-construction company chemistry and having a pleasant experience. But the other day, a prospective client commented that these were more or less “feel good” benefits and it seemed like a better deal to just […]

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Melton recently had the opportunity to support our community partner, There With Care, by providing a no-cost wheelchair ramp installation for a Front Range family facing medical crisis. After several months in the hospital, the newly accessible entrance finally allowed the family to return home. We’re proud to support the critical services There With Care provides to families throughout the Front Range.

About There With Care

There With Care is a non-profit organization that provides essential support and services to families with children facing a medical crisis. Their mission is to ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations with compassion and care, so that families can focus on their child’s health and well-being. They offer a wide range of services, including patient and family essentials, emotional support, and practical support. There With Care serves families in need, regardless of their income or insurance status.

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