Feb 26

New Cabinetry Looks from Dynasty/Omega for 2015

New Cabinetry Looks from Dynasty/Omega for 2015   Dynasty/Omega is expanding its cabinet offerings in 2015 to include several modern updates our clients love. We are excited to see new door styles in on-trend colors, exciting Full Access base cabinet storage options, updated lighting options and more. You’ll love the new looks from Dynasty/Omega in […]

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Feb 12

Red: Drama and Vitality for Every Room

Decorating with Red If you’re craving a way to add drama and interest to your home, there’s no better way than with pops of color. While there is a rainbow of options for adding interior interest, there are few that have the drama and vitality of red. From a psychological standpoint, red is the color […]

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Feb 4

5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home

5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home Since we’re all seemingly tethered to our smartphones, it was only a matter of time before futuristic gadgets and gizmos would be invading our home sweet homes. Advancements in electronics have opened up a world of new devices and apps that offer countless advantages for creating a home, […]

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Feb 3

Stay in Your Home Long Term with Universal Design

Stay in Your Home Long Term with Universal Design There are many reasons homeowners want to keep their residences for as long as possible—perhaps, their friends or grandkids live nearby, they enjoy their home’s features or the love their community and neighbors. And many homeowners have grown accustomed to their area and have found nearby […]

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Oct 16

5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups

5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups Your home can have a stunning front porch without needing to remodel the entire façade. Make your home more inviting in short time with these different styles. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional exterior, it can be refreshed to have an exciting design. Check out these 5 final […]

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Sep 25

Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior

Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior Curb appeal can be drastically improved by altering the appearance of your porch, patio or elements of the façade by changing design and layout. Finding the right materials for your home that withstand natural weathering can be challenging. Oftentimes, exterior materials are as durable as they are heavy. […]

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Jun 22

How Much Money Can a General Contractor Save You?

Yes, hiring a general contractor to manage your remodeling saves you time and effort. But it also adds an “extra” expense to your project. Or does it? In our experience, having a good general contractor can actually save you a significant amount of money. How much? Well, let’s take all the time savings out of […]

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Jun 13

Can a Commercial General Contractor Make You Feel “At Home?”

As a residential and a commercial contractor, we think business clients deserve to feel “at home” in their offices, restaurants or retail spaces. That’s why we approach commercial renovations and tenant-finish services with the same personal focus we use in our residential remodeling. Our clients tell us it makes a real difference in how the […]

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