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A Home Remodeler Can Create a Rustic, Manly Getaway in Your Home

A Home Remodeler Can Create a Rustic, Manly Getaway in Your Home Man caves can take on just about any form of shape and size, leaving each one unique to the ruler of its domain. Their growing popularity seems to be a sparking revolution. Gone are the early humble beginnings where caves used to consist […]

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7 Inspired Home Office Designs

7 Inspired Home Office Designs Working from home can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Kids, laundry, a nice walk in the foothills—these things can easily derail our best intentions for work. However, an inspired office space will keep you focused on the tasks at hand while you enjoy a relaxing, comfortable workspace. The […]

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Creating Supreme Coziness in a Large Space

Creating Supreme Coziness in a Large Space Everyone knows the Herculean task of making a teensy studio apartment or mini two-bedroom house feel grand and inviting, but what about a big open airy room? A large expansive living area in a home is great for entertaining and enjoying but it can pose problems in terms […]

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9 Fun Basement Remodel Ideas

9 Fun Basement Remodel Ideas A bonus space, basements are often an overlooked and under utilized area of the home. With careful design considerations for a basement remodel, a humble underground space can go from cold and dark to warm and inviting. Whether you’re looking to add some fresh character to your outdated basement or […]

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Red: Drama and Vitality for Every Room

Decorating with Red If you’re craving a way to add drama and interest to your home, there’s no better way than with pops of color. While there is a rainbow of options for adding interior interest, there are few that have the drama and vitality of red. From a psychological standpoint, red is the color […]

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5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home

5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home Since we’re all seemingly tethered to our smartphones, it was only a matter of time before futuristic gadgets and gizmos would be invading our home sweet homes. Advancements in electronics have opened up a world of new devices and apps that offer countless advantages for creating a home, […]

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Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Holiday Entertaining Ideas   The 2014 holiday season has arrived and entertaining guests is on the horizon for many. Present charming concepts throughout your home this season by following these clever design ideas. Front Entry Garland The front entry is first thing to catch your guests’ eyes as they arrive to your home. Long draping […]

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7 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

7 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas Kick off the 2014 holiday season with new ways to dress up your Christmas tree. Traditional lights and garland are always a warm touch to brighten up your home. We have also gathered festive outside-of-the-box ideas to bring new excitement into your living space. Wooden Cubbies When space is limited […]

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Pumpkin Craft Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and we would love to share with you creative ways to jazz up your pumpkin crafts this season. Ideas to dress up your curb appeal, along with tasty treats to be shared by all. Read, as we unveil captivating seasonal concepts you will love! Entry Eye Candy A wreath […]

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