Rustic Refresh

Whole Home Remodel
For this project, the Melton team focused on updating the design of a cabin in Nederland to better meet the tastes and needs of our clients and included working on spaces and little projects throughout the entire home.

100-year-old refurbished oak was used as flooring throughout the main floor and upper level, adding a rustic but refined feel to the space. In the basement, a custom built-in was added to what was once a completely bare wall. The custom design features more of the refurbished oak, with leather pulls, and open spaces for displaying items.

In the kitchen new counter-tops, a new farmhouse style sink, cabinet pulls, and backsplash were added. Custom designed barn doors were created by the talented Melton carpenters and used throughout the home. Unique lighting features can also be found throughout the home, and contribute to the rustic yet contemporary feel of the various spaces.