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Vibrant Family Ranch

Whole Home Remodel

The focus of this home renovation was to take a very blocked off, disjointed living area and transform it into a lively space perfect for entertaining.

Striking Staircase

The staircase was once blocking the living area from the kitchen, but now serves as a structural centerpiece and it completely opens up the room.

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Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen offers a contemporary, yet colorful feeling with the addition of these beautiful cement tiles and clean kitchen cabinets.

Daring Drawers

The best feature of this space is the toe kick drawers, allowing for easy and convenient kitchen storage — the perfect space for hosting a party.

Becoming Blues

In the master bathroom remodel, a spare bedroom was utilized to expand the bathroom footprint to include a full walk-in closet as well as a luxurious shower and commode. The blue tiles work so nicely with the newly designed kitchen remodel, making this 1950’s ranch into a contemporary and welcoming home for a social family.

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