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Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Remodel Kitchen
Aug 8

How Much Should I Spend on My House Remodel?

Home remodeling is an excellent option for homeowners who want to change the style, amenities, and layout of their home without having to move or build from scratch. Before learning about how to start planning a custom home build or renovation, decide on a budget for the project. By tallying factors such as your savings, home value, and the benefits of the upgrades, you can set a reasonable budget for your upcoming project.

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Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Remodel Start Planning A Custom Home Build
Aug 1

Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build a New House?

If you are contemplating whether to push ahead with a home remodel, you may want to keep the financial aspect of the project in mind. Many residential remodels can cost as much as creating a new home from the ground up. While it is daunting to learn how to start planning a custom home build, it is the more financially responsible action to take for many homeowners. Below is a guide on when to renovate an existing property and when to build a new house.

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Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Office Work From Home Enjoy Your Home Office
Jul 27

What You Need to Turn Your Office into Your Second Home

According to PayScale, the average person spends 13 years of their life at work. Whatever statistic you read, it’s clear that we spend many hours at the office each day. To make it a more productive and positive environment, you want to consider turning the office into your second home.
With some simple steps, you can create a more comfortable, relaxed, yet motivated environment.

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Melton Design Build Home Remodel Wood Flooring
Jul 17

Everything You Should Know About Wood Flooring

No one can deny that a wood floor warms a room. It provides stylish looks and a long-lasting finish. Whether you are planning to lay a floor in your new home or you need to replace one that’s damaged, there’s a lot you should know about wood flooring.
You have numerous species to choose from, plenty of widths and lots of colors available. Let’s look at the most common questions related to installing wood flooring.

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Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Kitchen Floor Remodel Cabinets That Transform Your Kitchen
Jul 11

5 Ways New Cabinets Can Transform Your Kitchen

Of all the ways to customize your home, tackling kitchen updates is one of the best ways to change the appearance. It’s easy to install new cabinets and transform your kitchen. Whether you are planning a custom home build or just looking to rehab an older family house, it’s smart to start with the kitchen.

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Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Remodel
Jul 2

Why a Bathroom Remodel Can Be Life Changing

You head to the bathroom a few times each day, but most people never look around and give it much thought. This part of your home has a purpose and is practical, but is it everything you hoped it would be? A quick bathroom remodel might just change the outlook you have on life.
Whether you need a place to get away from the world, or you want to create a great space for your guests, remodeling your bathroom is a great place to accomplish your goals. Here are a few reasons to consider tackling this home project.

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