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Apr 18

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring 2019

The sun is out, we’ve set our clocks forward, and the temperature is creeping up, which means it’s time to think about home maintenance for spring! Now that winter is in the rearview, you can assess your house to figure out what needs doing and get some maintenance done while soaking up that sweet, sweet sunshine.

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Apr 10

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Counters for Your Home

Too often, homeowners looking to remodel or renovate their kitchen counters choose a material purely based on how it looks. While aesthetic value is important, it’s better in the long run to choose a material that suits your home and lifestyle first, and then choose a color and design of that material next. This gives you a design you love and the perfect functionality for your home.

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Apr 2

Why You Should Consider Tiled Countertops

When renovating your kitchen, the sheer amount of choices to make can be overwhelming. Counters, cabinets, flooring, appliances are all important and it can be difficult to know how to choose the one that best fits your family, your lifestyle, and your budget. The good news it, that when done correctly, you’re left with a kitchen that perfectly suits you. Tiled countertops offer an elegance, brightness, and a way to update the look of your entire kitchen. Extremely durable, this heat resistant material can make a great option for the budget-conscious family, as it can be installed for as little as $10 per square foot.

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Mar 26

Top 7 Master Bedroom Designs of 2019

One of the most important ways to feel happy and comfortable in your own home is by having a master bedroom that you love.
Of course, there are some traditional looks that will always be reliable, but these are the seven best master bedroom designs of 2019 for people who want a modern, sleek look.

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Mar 16

The Best 5 Kitchen Layouts for 2019

Each year brings with it a flurry of exciting new designs and inspiration for your home. The past few years have been all about white cabinets, clean, minimalist designs, and the rose gold obsession even leaked into kitchen styling. This year, home designers are seeing a few new trends rise to the top in the world of kitchen layouts.

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Mar 8

4 of the Top Cabinet Design Trends for 2019

Making 2019 a great year can start now with the right cabinet design trend for both you and your kitchen. Make your choice based on the design of your kitchen as a whole, its layout and size, how you use your kitchen, and what’s currently on trend for 2019 cabinetry.

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Mar 3

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Floor Tile

The tile you choose for your kitchen floor can have a major impact on your kitchen as a whole, from aesthetic value to convenience factors. The right tile will not only set the tone for your kitchen, but will also fit your day to day needs, whether that be easy to clean, safe for kids and pets, or long lasting.

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Feb 28

Short Story: The Truth About Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodels are often underrated compared to other areas of the home that can be improved. Many homeowners feel their kitchen is already functioning – so why make any changes. But kitchen remodeling is not only affordable, but it can provide some unique benefits to the homeowner. Here is our guide to kitchen remodeling, which debunks some myths and gives you the truth about the process.

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Feb 26

6 Things You Should Do Before Your Home Renovation

You have been going through various magazines, online videos and articles regarding home renovation. You have some ideas in your mind, and you have settled on this year as the moment you will renovate your house. It is a major step, but one that should be undertaken with caution. Here are six things that you should do before you go ahead with your home renovation.

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Feb 22

How to Fast-Track Your New Home Addition

If there is one aspect to home remodeling that is more challenging and daunting than every other step, it is a new home addition. When you want to add a room or floor to your house, it involves many complicated procedures. But our guide will help you understand the necessary steps, while allowing you to fast track your new home addition.

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