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Modern Masculine – Guest Bathrooms

Guest Bathrooms & Laundry Room Remodel

Phase two of our remodel saga waved its magic wand over two guest baths and the laundry room, keeping the original floors happily underfoot. We bid a cheerful farewell to outdated fixtures and knocked down a half wall, opening up the space for a breath of fresh air (and more room to dance around!).

Curious about the work we did in phase one? Check out that award winning project here: Modern Masculine 

Luxe Details

In the bathrooms, we dialed up the elegance with top-tier sinks, vanities, and fixtures, including luxe shower heads for those serene spa moments. The crowning achievement? A symphony of tiles, trim, and custom cabinets that sing in design harmony.

Light it Up

The HVAC system got a breath of fresh air with new fans, and we sprinkled in some electrical sparkle with LED lights and toe kick lighting for cozy midnight ambles.

Elevating Everyday Tasks

This remodel isn’t just a facelift; it’s a lifestyle elevation, polished off with the finest touches and a wink to practical luxury (because who doesn’t love a little extra glam in their daily routine?).

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