Modern Masculine – Guest Bathrooms

Boulder, CO

In the second phase of this home remodel, two guest bathrooms and a laundry room underwent a stunning transformation. The demolition phase preserved the flooring while removing fixtures and skillfully deconstructing a half wall to create a more spacious feel. Meanwhile, the laundry room received a partial renovation, featuring a sleek countertop, modern sink and faucet, and a convenient soffit to house the dryer duct.

The plumbing work in both bathrooms included replacing finishes with carefully selected products, such as new sinks and vanities, faucets, toilets, tubs, and fillers. Stylish shower heads and hand-held fixtures were added, and a diverter was installed for added convenience. Upgrades were also made to the HVAC system, with new exhaust fans installed in existing ducted locations. Additional electrical enhancements were made, including LED fixtures, occupancy sensor toe kick lights and switches, and adjustments to outlet heights and GFI outlets for a seamless finish. Meticulous attention was given to drywall, tile, interior trim, and millwork, with beautifully tiled shower/tub surrounds, accent tiles, and custom-built cabinets adding to the overall aesthetic. The project was completed with carefully selected cabinetry, glass installations, painting, and flooring, resulting in a harmonious blend of functionality and style throughout the renovated spaces.