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What Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Know About Kitchens

As professional kitchen remodeling contractors, we’ve designed and built many different styles of kitchens for many different types of clients here throughout Boulder County and the surrounding areas. When we’re discussing a new kitchen, remodeler experience can often help clients think about things they might not otherwise consider. Here are a few examples: Kitchen remodelers […]

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What’s the ROI on “the Right” Construction Company?

Over the years, we’ve offered a lot of advice on how to choose the right construction company. We’ve talked about professionalism, good client-construction company chemistry and having a pleasant experience. But the other day, a prospective client commented that these were more or less “feel good” benefits and it seemed like a better deal to just […]

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How Much Money Can a General Contractor Save You?

Yes, hiring a general contractor to manage your remodeling saves you time and effort. But it also adds an “extra” expense to your project. Or does it? In our experience, having a good general contractor can actually save you a significant amount of money. How much? Well, let’s take all the time savings out of […]

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What a Builder’s Reputation Reveals

You know that reputation matters. But did you know a builder’s reputation can predict what type of experience you can expect, down to specifics such as how permits will be pulled or how the builder will deal with any unforeseen problems that arise. Let me give you some examples: Testimonials. Look closely at what’s being […]

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A Home Addition Contractor’s Perspective on Cost vs Value

As an established home addition contractor, we talk with many clients who ask us what type of addition will give them the biggest payback. To provide the answer, we need to ask a question of our own: “What type of payback do you mean – resale or lifestyle?” If you’re thinking in terms of resale […]

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Can a Commercial General Contractor Make You Feel “At Home?”

As a residential and a commercial contractor, we think business clients deserve to feel “at home” in their offices, restaurants or retail spaces. That’s why we approach commercial renovations and tenant-finish services with the same personal focus we use in our residential remodeling. Our clients tell us it makes a real difference in how the […]

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For a Great Basement Remodel, You Need an Experienced Basement Remodeler

Are you ready to tackle an outdated or unfinished basement? You won’t need just a good remodeler, you will need an experienced basement remodeler. Here’s how to find a pro with the design and construction experience to solve dampness, lack of light, low ceilings and other basement challenges to create fresh, healthy, family-friendly living space. […]

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Home Energy Audits: Clues to Comfort and Savings

What’s the ROI of a home energy audit? It’s about saving money and the planet. For many homeowners, it’s also about making an older home live as comfortably as today’s most energy-efficient homes. Home energy audits are designed to analyze how your home is using – and losing – energy. The results of analyzing home […]

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