There is no higher priority than the health and safety of our team and our clients. With news that the coronavirus has come to the Colorado area, we are doing what we can to respond to the evolving situation. We are closely monitoring and adapting our practices by following the most recent recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Colorado department of health and the guidance of local officials.

We hope you are all safe and healthy and are following the City of Boulder order to stay home and close all non-essential businesses until 4/26, or following the Governor’s guidleines for social distancing in other municipalities. It has been determined the housing construction industry is an essential service that is allowed to continue operations during the COVID-19 crisis. With the proactive measures we’ve already put in place, our team is already set up to comply with these requirements, and we will continue operating. This includes our office staff all working remotely, and having limited people on our job sites all following strict social distancing guidelines (more information below).

We stand committed to an effective response. We will do everything we can to protect the health and well-being of our team members, clients, and our trade partners. We take this situation very seriously. While the environment is changing every day, at present, we are focused on:


We are closely monitoring the best practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Colorado Department of Health regularly share this information with the entire team. We are committed and resolved to implement new procedures as information becomes available.

Personal Hygiene

We have communicated to our staff that the CDC promotes healthy personal habits as the most effective way to decrease the spread of viral disease. This includes staying home when sick (especially with a fever and/or respiratory illness) coughing and/ or sneezing into an elbow or using a tissue to cover ones nose and mouth and then immediately discarding the tissue, thorough washing of hands which includes scrubbing frequently with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds (if no water is available, use a hand sanitizer/disinfectant) and avoiding the touching of one’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Contact with others is also to be avoided. Please do not be offended if we do not shake your hand.

Cleaning supplies, anti-bacterial hand soap, and hand sanitizer are being made available to all offices and job sites as practical. We are challenged by the same shortages as everyone else. Thankfully we were able to get a supply of hand santizer from JL Distillery that is helping us keep our job sites stocked up.

Minimizing Exposure

On the job site:
We have asked our team to erect plastic partitions as feasible around the work area to separate the work site from client living areas. These precautions include containment, careful removal / disposal of material, and HEPA vacuum clean up procedures. We should have our HEPA filters up and running, and when possible duct air to exterior to create negative air flow from work area.

We will be utilizing best practices for limiting the spread of the virus. We have also paused some projects for the time being.

Please talk with your project PM regarding the specific measures/ status of your project. (This could include split shifts, extending the schedule so that we can carefully plan for people to not be in the same space at the same time, wearing masks, etc.).

In the office:
Our office is temporarily closed – It will remain closed until it is safe to return, the situation is fluid and we will adjust as needed. We will have a single staff member in the office covering our main phone line and working hard to connect you to any team members you need to reach. If you aren’t able to connect, please leave a message and our team will get it passed along ASAP. If we have the ability to meet virtually or via conference call, we will.

Working from Home:
Our office staff began working from home on Monday (3/16), and will continue to do so until it is deemed safe to return. The best method of communication during this time is via email or cell phone. If you do not have your teams’ cell phone numbers and you want to talk to them on the phone, please call the office and one of our team members will help you connect. All voicemails left on our office extensions will be forwarded to the team members’ email.

We will be utilizing Zoom virtual meetings for video conference calls and screen sharing, to help us continue to move projects forward. We are still open to in-person meetings (while permitted) if all parties agree, but request that all parties do their best to practice social distancing and wear masks.

Sick Leave

We have extended an additional 2 days of leave to all employees to encourage them to stay home if they are not feeling well. We are also following the guidelines of the Families First Coronaviris Response Act.


If a Melton employee is meeting with or near someone that they feel is sick, they are empowered to constructively leave the meeting to protect their health. This practice is to be followed in all circumstances whether with a client, co-worker, supplier, trade partner, etc.

We’re also encouraging team members to meet virtually using Zoom meetings and conference calls when possible.

Boulder & Boulder County Permitting

Both Boulder & Boulder County Community Planning and Permitting Offices sent out emails yesterday (3/15) detailing their response to COVID-19. Some of their actions, will have a direct impact on our projects. We’re doing our best to figure out how to work within the current environment. Please speak with your Project Developer or Project Manager regarding the specific changes that will temporarily impact your project.


If you have project payments that need to be made, we would greatly appreciate it if you try to make these via an ACH (electronic transfer) payment. Please contact our Controller, Jim (, to set this up.

Any questions regarding accounts payable to Trade Partners should be directed to our Controller, Jim ( too.


Any team members that have traveled to a country listed as a “high risk area” on the CDC website have been asked to quarantine themselves at home for a period of 14 days.

Customized Solutions

Every home and every project is unique. Our team is prepared to address any concerns or additional precautions you would like to discuss.

Our Clients

We will do what we can to protect your health. We expect the same in return. If you have had any exposure or illnesses, please let us know so that we can adjust accordingly.


Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel our upcoming events our team was to attend to help prevent transmission.

We are remodelers, not Epidemiologists. We are not sure what tomorrow brings. There will be changes and adjustments to our plan, and plenty of uncertainty lies ahead. But we are certain that the health of our team and our clients is our highest priority. From that, we will not waiver.

Be safe. Stay healthy.